Towards Empowerement.

Care Leavers’ Networks have a major role to play in being the pillar of support once the person transitions from a Care Home. They also help in the collectivization process including driving motivations, sharing challenges and achievements and seeking support.

Why Global Care Leavers Community

“Care leaver networks are like a safety net, where you can fall back and survive to see another day”
- Ruth Wacuka from Kenya

This website is an outcome of over two months of consultations and engagements with Care Leavers, researchers and subject matter experts from across the globe as part of first International Care Leavers Convention – wherein one of the clearly spelt out need was to a Global Care Leavers Community – for exchange of ideas, successes, best practices and legislations, researches and support. This website is dedicated to the struggles of every single Care Leaver in the world and aims to be rich source of information to Care Leavers, researchers and organizations working with Care Leavers.

This is a small effort towards what ought to become a global movement.

Latest News

Explore latest updates and powerful stories about Care Leavers and Care Leaving from around the world.

International Care Leavers Conference to create global advocacy

The first-of-its-kind global forum registers the humanitarian, social and economic urgency of bolstering facilities for Care Leavers, a global generation of youth growing up without parental care.

For better aftercare of care leavers

A care leaver is an adult who as a child experienced care in a formal or informal alternative care setting, and were legally compelled to exit their care setting on attaining adulthood.

Oxfordshire Care Leaver Association try to raise £2,500

A CARE association is trying to raise £2500 to ensure they can deliver a personalised gift to over 100 young people who will not have their families around them this Christmas.

Voices of Care Leavers

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